Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cobalt Blue, my favorite.

I always loved cobalt blue. No matter if im in rush or not, when I see anything in that color I stop and look at it, stare for couple minutes, and then guess what Im in the changing room trying it..just because its the best color in the world!(at least for me..) I dont care who is with me, where im going to. Cobalt blue is my favorite. 
Dont you feel glamorous when you wear a bright cobalt blue dress or a bbue short skirt teamed with a white top. My favorite bikinis are cobalt blue also my favorite dress. I wore the most gorgeous cobalt blue dress in my brother's bar mitzvah couple years ago. I will always keep that one even though it doesn't fit me anymore :). OH MY! Im in love with this color as you can see.. :)
One of the many repeated themes I have noticed in the Men & Women's collections are wonderful shades and tones of Cobalt Blue, and thats what I like I mean adore! 

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson 
Royal Wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton 


Jennifer Hudson Blue Eye shadow
Forever 21, €23.75

Lisa Marie Fernandez skirt, €60

Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet, € 42 
Marc by Marc Jacobs tote, € 120

Michael Kors watch  €253

Splendid shirt dress, €145

Splendid, €106.36


Rosario Dawson, Blake Lively, Sofia Vergara

Jessica Alba, Olivia Wilde, Kylie Minogue