Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fashion of 50's

If I had a chance to go to past, I would go to the 60's.
Love those dresses(!) and really impressed with how women look so elegant and gorgeous in that period of time. Take a look!

 Apron Style Swim Play Suit

Typical 50s

50's Bathing hats - worn as protection for 1950s hairstyles :)

Tight waists and highly patterned skirts were popular in the 50s

50s hairstyle - so fancy and elaborated


1950s glasses

50s typical clothing

50s Makeup and manicure

50s bright and beachwear patterns and the start of tight waist dresses,
plus an all covering duster coat

Dresses, dresses, dresses..

Brightly patterned dresses with wide waist skirts

Chanel style suite, late fifties

Elasticated swimsuit

Fifties leopard skin fur

Marilyn Monroe - 50s to now, most elegant!

Marilyn Monroe

The A-line, created by Christian Dior and much imitated

weddings of 50s
50s accessories
Menswear - pants.

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